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Sunday, April 9th


209 W 40TH St.

The Invitation

Times Of Refreshing Christian Center New York presents “The Table.” This Resurrection Sunday, we invite you and your family to join us for a never-before-experienced and unique look at the greatest love story ever told. Our team has created this never before seen production to showcase the story of death to life and crucifixion to Resurrection.

Each year the Holy Spirit highlights different facets that need to be emphasized and shared prophetically so that we can apply the victory of Jesus over death to our present everyday lives. This year, we are excited to explore the significance of “The Table.” We will take an inward glance and look into the hearts of those who were closest to Jesus and with Him at the last supper. Like us, each disciple had many questions and things they were pondering during these final hours of Jesus being with them.

Today, we face similar questions. The war is between our ability to comprehend and our heart’s capacity to completely trust what Jesus accomplished when he said, 

“It is finished.” Can we let go? Will we see it fulfilled? Do we have what it takes to last to the end? In these uncertain times, when everything is in question, now more than ever, we must confront what stops us from moving forward into complete resurrection life.

This presentation will inspire and entertain you and challenge your belief to mature to a place of His faith within you — faith that is made of real substance. As we move out of transition to transfer, we can allow Christ within us to unlock who we are truly destined to be and bring divine recovery to the lost pages. To move from death to life; resurrection to ascension; and have an endurance that lasts until the end, it all has to start at one place…the table.



Creative Team

Dr. Robyn Kassas

Executive Producer

Ps. Nathan Kassas

Executive Producer / Director

Virginia Pike

Associate Producer / Composer / Music Director

Jonathan Paredes

Creative & Production Director
From Heaven To Earth To Heaven
From Heaven To Earth To Heaven


Service Times

Whether you are joining us in person or online, we have put together a powerful creative production that will bless you
and bring the power of the Resurrection alive in your life like never before. 


This Resurrection Sunday, bring your friends, family, and loved ones out and so that everyone can be blessed, challenged, and uplifted. 



NYC – 6:30PM EST  | Doors 6pm

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Sunday, April 9th

Service 6:30pm



Are You Asking The Same Questions They Are Asking?
Are You Asking The Same Questions They Are Asking?

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Invite your friends & family to experience “The Table” this Resurrection Sunday at TORCC NY with you.


Showcase that you are not afraid to sit at the table

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